Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my journey to the BITS-

I was a av guy who can mearly manage to score 85 percentage in class 10th for whom IIT n BITS was just a dream. But still I had a dream to become the successful engineer. Just like all my other friends who had a dream of IIT ,I also went Kota in cattle mentally. I loved Kota a lot. There were lots of fun there n offcourse study also. There is lot to tell about Kota n specially about bundie there ,but will tell in my next post.
Now taking U 2 year forward .
Unfortunately I got selected in JEE n EEE ,in both around 5000 rank .As I was genearl candidate in JEE counselling I got metallurgy engg. in BHU (due to whole fucking reservation shit).the branch in which I had no intrest in.As I was good(relatively) in Physics I had got my mind set towards mechanical enginnering.(thats the different thing that after joining college I came to know that it doesnot matter in which subject good U r.the most matter is how good U can mug up n do vomit of it in examination.) In EEE counselling I got EEE in IIIT Allahabad.Uptil that time my mind was set for BHU,but still I was confused to join or to take drop .
I went for DCE counselling ,I got my name on waiting list there .
I was with my dad there in Delhi in my uncle's house . Only one day was left to submit DD in BITS-Pilani for next itteration,so there was only one option left to go Pilani and submit DD by hand.Sitting @ bus stop,now got whole mind set for BITS and 40 minutes before last bus my cousin brother from DCE called and told that he has a friend in IIIT Allahabad , and that's also very good option.Now again I started to wonder which option should I take.BITS or IIIT.both seemed @ that time equal to me.I was so much confused what to do??
My dad told me-"Don't think so much ,just make call to ur mom and ask her to make 2 chits
A for Allahabad n
B for BITS
and take one chit in front of thakurji(god).
and the result came out to be A.

my dad told me to tell my mom to take chit again and this time what the result come that will be the final.
and the result this time came B .
and that's why I am here in BITS(just because of that chit ) n happy n got such a great friends .I think that what I got was best available for me @ I believe that there is something predecided which U can't change ..