Friday, July 2, 2010

another talented guy

Our hostel is ful of talented n creative guys having diffent habits n of my good friend of hostel has got the habit of sleeping in day.when he came to BITS he was somewat fit n good in health.but now his sleeping time (7 am-5pm approx.)has made him to survive only by dinner n Night canteen(If someone give treat).unpopularly known as black_messiah n his short name is M.J.He is one wannabe ...(just kidding)..MJ is one f d most helpful tym to meet black_messiah is just before exams..the doubts he will ask u,r sure to come in exams..many marks of our r due to MJ.Thanx MJ for all ur help n support.according to MJ he is also very big fan of Liverpool but in 1 year since I know him he havnt seen any of the liverpool match.Maybe this his way of supporting.Oh shit I havnt tell his biggest talent uptil this.His biggest talent by which he is known in r hostel is Fifa10(comp game).He plays really good.Somepeople say that he has taken training for this.but jo bhi ho I salute him for this talent.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

guy having extaordinary talent

This is all about most famous guy of AH5(my hostel name).His hostel nic is Raavan.He had slept in almost all professors class but he is very punctual in attending lectures.He was 25 among 300 who attend workshop lectures & 1 among 25 who sleep there.
in CP(comp. programing) lectur es of Biju sir almost full LT get packed.Me ,Raavan n Asati(my friend who is somewat more sincere about studies) were sitting at the center back side.That day we got good luck bcoz Infront of us girls were sitting .N soon after 5 min. of lecture they also started to see back at us n gossiping about us. Guess why?
B'coz raavan was Snoring.
This is Raavan's talent.