Friday, July 2, 2010

another talented guy

Our hostel is ful of talented n creative guys having diffent habits n of my good friend of hostel has got the habit of sleeping in day.when he came to BITS he was somewat fit n good in health.but now his sleeping time (7 am-5pm approx.)has made him to survive only by dinner n Night canteen(If someone give treat).unpopularly known as black_messiah n his short name is M.J.He is one wannabe ...(just kidding)..MJ is one f d most helpful tym to meet black_messiah is just before exams..the doubts he will ask u,r sure to come in exams..many marks of our r due to MJ.Thanx MJ for all ur help n support.according to MJ he is also very big fan of Liverpool but in 1 year since I know him he havnt seen any of the liverpool match.Maybe this his way of supporting.Oh shit I havnt tell his biggest talent uptil this.His biggest talent by which he is known in r hostel is Fifa10(comp game).He plays really good.Somepeople say that he has taken training for this.but jo bhi ho I salute him for this talent.